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The most common cause for curdling is the wrong temperature. At no point should you heat the custard to over 87 Celsius, and due to heat inertia, and for a generally better texture, you should stop heating earlier. I have found 83 Celsius to be an optimal target temperature for my taste.

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The custard should coat the back of the spoon uniformly. For the moment of truth, take your finger or a knife and draw a line through the custard on the back of the spoon. If the path remains.

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Learn a simple technique on how to correct a curdled/ split custard.

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Take your pan off the heat and place it in an ice bath. Atomic Kitchen recommends adding an ice cube or two to your sauce to ensure it cools on the double. If the clumps are relatively few, you can pour the whole sauce through a sieve. Whisk the strained sauce vigorously to break up any tiny remaining lumps.

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Split Mayonnaise. If your custard, creme patissier or creme anglaise has lumps or is starting to curdle, whack an ice cube in it then give it a quick blitz in the blender. Problem solved!

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Be patient and allow the custard to thicken gradually. Create a slurry by mixing a small amount of cornstarch or all-purpose flour with cold milk or water. Whisk the slurry into the custard and continue cooking until it thickens. You can also beat additional egg yolks and slowly whisk them into the custard.

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Use one teaspoon with one tablespoon of water for every cup of custard and whisk it into the mixture as it cooks (via WikiHow ). If your custard is still runny, you might need to change the cooking temperature. But be careful. You don't want to crank up the heat only to scramble the eggs in the mixture.


Loosen a stuck cake. For stuck cakes, run a thin knife around the edge and see if that will help loosen it. It might even help to pop it back in the oven for a bit. "If it stayed out on the counter too long, put it back in the oven for a minute, and the stuck areas might release," Ben-Israel says.

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To find a fix for lumps, we overcooked a simple custard to 205 degrees (the recommended temperature is 175 to 180 degrees), at which point it was full of large lumps. Rescuing the custard turned out to be a cinch with an immersion blender. A quick buzz effectively broke down the clumps, restoring a perfectly creamy texture (which didn't break.

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Custard is a thick, rich, creamy sweet or savory dessert, made mixtures of eggs or egg yolks, milk or cream, flavorings (vanilla, nutmeg, etc.) and optionally, sweeteners (sugar, honey). Basic custards are thickened and set by eggs alone. A small amount of starch such as can be found in some recipes; they contain ingredients such as flour.

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How To Save Split Custard. Curdled or split custard can be rescued. Take the split custard off the heat and put the pan into cold water and whisk it vigorously. I don't enjoy cooking on an Aga, I know some people love them but the lack of temperature control drives me nuts. If the Aga is hot enough for a roast and Yorkshire puds then the stove.

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For egg only custard, the mixture should be cooked until it reaches 175°F - 180°F / 80°C - 82°C for crème anglaise. However, when preparing the base for ice cream, the desired temperature for thickness can range from 180°F - 185°F / 82°C - 85°C. It's advised to cook the mixture until a thin film adheres to a metal spoon when.

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Fix a curdled sauce: Add the sauce into a blender, blend it and it will come back together. Serving: This vanilla custard sauce can be served hot or cold. If you want to serve it hot, then reheat it over a double boiler, or over very low heat while stirring so as to ensure it's not curdled.

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The chief requirement of a successful custard is that its texture be right, and the temperature at which the baking is done is largely responsible for this point. Too high a temperature or too long cooking will cause the custard to curdle and leave the edges full of holes. A smoother texture may be obtained if egg yolks alone instead of the yolks and whites are used to thicken the custard.

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Turn the custard into a fresh bowl and put the bowl in the sink filled with icecubes and cold water (sink, not bowl - oh you know what I mean). Then whisk with a balloon whisk and Delia promises all will be well. If not then a spoonful of cornflour added to some cream whisked in whilst re warming very gently. My success rate with these methods.

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Cool the custard in cold water. Here's one trick that sounds way more complicated than it is. Once you notice your custard beginning to scramble, turn off the heat and douse the bottom of that hot.