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Mark the outer carton with: The words "Dry Ice for Medical Purposes" or "Dry ice for Diagnostic Purposes.". The amount of dry ice contained in the package. No other paperwork is required. Shippers may obtain "Dry Ice for Diagnostic or Medical Purposes" stickers (Item #011127) online or by calling 1-800-554-9964.

How to Ship Ice Cream A StepbyStep Guide [2022]

Packing and shipping ice cream with dry ice is a good, lighter-weight alternative to using regular ice to keep your sorbet or gelato frozen during transit. Using regular ice to transport ice cream can dampen your shipment, and others as it melts, and is not recommended by couriers. Proper care should be taken when deciding to pack ice cream.

How to Ship Ice Cream A StepbyStep Guide [2022]

Our handcrafted ice cream is packed with dry ice that keeps our tasty treats at -108F through the shipping process. Which means even though we're born and raised in Cincinnati; our ice cream can be shipped directly to your friends across the country. Guaranteed frozen delivery. Ship Ice Cream Nationwide. When it comes to get ice cream.

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Graeter's Ice Cream Company, an Ohio-based creamy, churns out French-style ice cream in a wide array of flavors. Frozen dessert fans have dubbed the company's signature Black Raspberry.

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Ice cream is delicious! Easy to send anywhere and arrives frozen. Messages on containers say whatever you may need to tell the receiver.. Who knew you can shop ice cream!!! Thank you! Get Well Ice Cream Gift - 4 Pints . Carol Pasichnyk . 02/12/2024 . My friend loved it! Perfect gift for friend recovering from surgery. She loved it! Get Well.

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Expedited shipping and specially developed insulated packaging make ordering gourmet ice cream a breeze, Next-day shipping is your top choice, but ice cream can remain stable within a 30-hour delivery time as long as it's appropriately packed. Each company has its own shipping timeline and areas for delivery so be sure to read the fine print.

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Customs Documentation: If you plan to ship ice cream abroad, provide accurate customs declarations, including a detailed description and value of the contents. This helps prevent delays at customs. If shipping ice cream locally, make sure you have the required permits. Step 6: Conduct Trial Runs Credit: Envato Elements/ iLixe48

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You'll need packing material that will help keep the ice cream cool, such as frozen gel packs and styrofoam inserts for insulation. A lot of experienced shippers also opt for dry ice inside the box, as well! Pro Tip: Dry ice is considered a type of hazardous material, but don't worry—FedEx workers handle these sorts of materials all the.

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How to ship ice cream- Put the ice cream in the container (s), put it in a poly bag, and then inside a cooled Styrofoam container or an insulated box liner over dry ice. Fold over the poly bag and add more dry ice. Close and seal the shipment. Ice cream is one of the trickiest items to ship. It has a high risk of melting while in transit.

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Step 2: Use Appropriate Coolants. The secret behind successfully sending ice cream through mail lies in the coolant. To keep the ice cream cold, FedEx recommends using dry ice packs instead of regular ice or gel packs. Dry ice packs maintain a significantly lower temperature, ensuring that your ice cream stays frozen throughout the journey.

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Order Blue Bell Ice Cream and have it shipped anywhere in the United States. Shipping Information Please select a product category to create your ice cream pack. Choose your 4-Half Gallons, 6-Pints or 4-Ice Cream Cups (12-Paks). HALF GALLONS. PINTS. ICE CREAM CUPS. Need help placing your order? Please call (979) 836-7977.

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Twenty-four hour shipping and the coolers needed to ship gourmet ice cream can make delivery expensive. When buying gourmet ice cream, you might spend more on shipping than the ice cream itself. In addition to its applications shipping frozen food like ice cream, dry ice can be used in industrial and scientific settings, too.

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Place the dry ice and ice cream within a suitable polystyrene container and place it inside a corrugated cardboard box. Dry ice releases carbon dioxide, so it is important that the box is not sealed. By allowing the vapor to vent, the risk of explosion is negated. 3. Consider using gel packs for additional protection.

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Please note that ice cream ships separately from all other items. We will ship 12 pints for the same delivery fee that we charge to ship 6 pints. We ship in quantities of 6 or 12 pints. Save on a 12-Pack ice cream pint order, with an everyday price decrease to $119.95.

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You can also buy some pre-packed pints of Jeni's classic flavors in more than 3,000 stores nationwide, or you can order your favorite flavors to ship right to you. Jeni's ice cream is known for its dynamic flavors inspired by Americana (Strawberry Buttermilk, for example) and high-quality ingredients, often purchased directly from farmers.


Make sure that the ice cream you are shipping is well-frozen before packing and is in an air tight container. Also, wrap the container in a plastic bag to avoid direct contact with the dry ice. Get an insulated container that can accommodate the tub of ice cream and allow for extra space for the dry ice and other packing materials.